We undertake to respect and protect the privacy of web users (the “Users”) through the Platform, by telephone or by any other means of communication. The purpose of this Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) is to inform the User of how we collect, hold, use, communicate and protect its personal information, including by telephone, email, and on our Platform namely When we use the term “personal information”, it includes any information related to a natural person and that makes it possible to identify this natural person, such as its name, postal address and email address, contact information, geo-tracking data, age and IP address.

We act in strict compliance with the privacy legislation applicable to us, including the Civil Code of Québec and the Act respecting the protection of personal information in the private sector (CQLR, c. P-39.1). We ask the User to read this Policy before using our Platform or providing us with personal information in any way unless it has already read it. If the User does not accept the terms of this Policy, it is asked to stop using our Platform and not to provide us any personal information. We also recommend that the User review this Policy from time to time as it may be amended or updated from time to time at our sole discretion.

The use of the “we” in the Policy refers collectively to La Coop fédérée and any of the authorized retailers which is member or partner of La Coop fédérée (hereinafter the “Retailer”), in accordance with the Master Services Agreement for the AgConnexion Platform entered into between La Coop fédérée and the Retailer regarding the Platform.

Updated on 2020-01-25

1. Summary

We collect the following information:

  • Personal information provided by the User on a voluntary basis;
  • Information that the User’s browser regularly shares with websites (such as IP address, language, username, preference and usage data of the Platform);
  • Personal information required for sale purposes of a product, service or other merchandise offered to the User through the Platform (such as financial data and bank details);
  • Personal information required for opening and managing the client’s account and sending the newsletter (such as names, addresses and phone numbers).

The Platform uses the following tracking technologies:

  • Cookies, web beacons and similar motion tracking technologies across the Platform keep track of Users and visitors of our site and their preferences;
  • We may use third-party providers such as Google Analytics in order to perform an analysis of the services provided on our Site.

Other details concerning our practices:

This Policy supplements the General Conditions of Use of the Platform and applies only to the website and to the information collected through this site and does not apply to any other information or website that we do not own or operate. For the site or for the site of another division of La Coop fédérée or of any Retailer, the User shall refer to the privacy policy of such site.

2. Why We Collect Personal Information

We collect only the personal information necessary to our relationship with the User. We limit the type of information we collect and use only to the personal information required to manage our relationship with the User in order to answer its questions, to provide products and services, to provide a good customer service and otherwise to operate the Platform and to provide the services offered on the Platform. In particular, we may collect personal information:

  • When the User requests certain information on our products and services offered through the Platform;
  • When identification data is required to respond to the request made by the User.

If the feature becomes possible on the Platform:

  • When the User makes a purchase, or a refund request or an exchange;
  • If a credit or debit card is used for your purchase, we will collect the credit or debit card information from the User, including the CVV number for an online purchase, as well as the signature of the User or the person authorized by the User, if required;
  • When returning a product or for any refund or exchange request, the name, telephone number, postal address and email address of the User will be requested;
  • When the User subscribes to the newsletter in order to receive promotions.

3. When Using the Platform

In order to ensure an adequate service of quality as well as to improve the customers’ experience, identification information could be collected during the User’s login to the user account, such as its name, password, postal address, telephone number and email address.

When the User phones or sends an email to customer service department, in order to ensure a quality service, it may be necessary to request identification information, such as its name and phone number in order to contact it should it contact us about the use of the Platform or a service offered on the Platform or other issues.

4. How We Collect Personal Information

We collect the User’s personal information in person or on our Platform, by telephone, email or otherwise, generally for the purpose of ensuring the efficient operation of the Platform and its features.

When the User visits our Platform, we may record information that the User’s web browser regularly shares with websites. This information may include the User’s browser type, browser’s language, IP address, and the date and time of the User’s visit. This information is collected on an anonymous basis, and we do not attempt to match it with the User’s personal information.

When the User visits our Platform, we may give the opportunity to register in order to receive our newsletter or other advertising material, or so that the User’s information is shared with our divisions or partners. We may also ask the User’s personal information in connection with certain tools and customizable features, surveys or contests that we may carry from time to time. It will always be to the User discretion to participate or not to these contests or surveys, and to provide or not its personal information to benefit from these characteristics. Should the User choose to receive our newsletter or other advertising material, it may subsequently choose to stop receiving it by checking the unsubscribe link included in each newsletter email we send or by contacting us.

5. Social Media

If the User communicates or interacts with us through social media (for example, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin or Youtube), it is advised that any personal information that it submits publicly by sharing our content, posts or comments mentioning or the content we upload on social media can be read, compiled or otherwise used by anyone who has access to this forum or who visits the web page URL address on which the content, post or comment of the User is displayed. We are not responsible for any use of this information by any third party and we refer the User to the applicable privacy rules of each of these social media.

6. Use of Cookies

As is common practice on websites, we sometimes use cookies and similar technologies to monitor our visitors. A “cookie” is a small text file that contains alphanumeric characters contained on the User’s computer and identifies its browser individually. We also sometimes use cookies in connection with web beacons to help us track how visitors navigate on our website.

If the User does not want to accept cookies, the “help” section of its browser’s toolbar will help it know how to prevent its browser to accept cookies, how to be alerted by its browser when it receives a new cookie or how to completely disable cookies. However, if the User deactivates cookies, the User may not be able to benefit from all the features of our Platform.

7. What We Do With the Personal Information We Collect

In general, we may use the User’s personal information for the following purposes:

  • To identify customers, potential customers, suppliers, in order to establish and maintain relationships with them;
  • To answer the User’s requests of information on our products and services;
  • For marketing, market analysis and survey purposes, to the extent provided by law and to improve our service offer;
  • To provide the services offered and requested by customers, potential customers and suppliers, including to process orders, ensure appropriate delivery and better assist customers when they visit us in store or call us;
  • To control the customer service’s quality and prevent errors and cases of fraud.

In order to operate our Platform and for the purpose of hosting and storing collected personal information, we may need to share information with our divisions or with our business partners. We, as well as third parties providing us with services, will use the personal information we collect for the sole purposes identified above and will maintain equivalent security measures in place. For example, we may use subcontractors to help process the User’s order or order’s delivery, provide the User with services, and in order to help us collect, analyze and evaluate our information or to provide any other support service for the Platform and its use. Often, the information we share will include aggregated data, anonymous by nature. If we provide personal information, this will be in terms that prevent our business partners from making any independent commercial use of that information and from sharing that information with third parties or otherwise making it public.

The Platform may eventually contain tools useful to the User, such as an online store allowing it to buy products and services. In order to use these tools, the User may have to provide information about it. The Platform will use the information of the User to provide the service that the tool offers it, for example, to help it order, and have it deliver products and services. Unless otherwise indicated in this Policy, we will not use the personal information collected by these tools for any other purpose without the explicit prior consent of the User.

We may choose to disclose personal information without previous notice to respond to requests from authorities or at the request of a government authority; to respond to summons, a Court order or requests for information from an administrative authority; to ensure compliance with our contracts or our property rights; to protect ourselves or others; or where required or otherwise permitted by law. For example, we may share information to reduce risks of fraud or when someone uses or attempts to use our Platform for illegal reasons. The collected information may also be shared in connection with a sale or merger of the business or of its divisions or business lines to which this information relates.

8. Username and Password

To access its account, the User must create and use its username and password for any session of use thereafter. The User must use them only for lawful purposes. The User is entirely responsible for them and the consequences of any use made by itself or by anyone, including the consequences of any illegal operation committed through its username and password. The User is required to take all the necessary precautions to preserve their confidentiality for security reasons. In particular, the User must not disclose to anyone, nor authorize anyone to use them, except to one of its authorized representatives. It is strongly recommended to choose a password that the User is the only one to know and whose components can’t be easily attached to it. It is also recommended to change the password periodically and to log off at the end of the session. 

If the User is aware of any unauthorized use of its username or password, if the User fears that another person has uncovered them or believes that they have been lost or stolen, the User must notify us immediately.

All usernames and passwords are ultimately managed by La Coop fédérée through the Platform support team, which reserves the right, at any time and in its sole discretion, to suspend or cancel them without prior notice.

9.Your Consent

By providing us with your personal information, the User consents that we collect, use and disclose this information for the purposes described in this Policy. By using our Platform, the User consents that we collect, use and disclose certain anonymous information combined with its IP address in accordance with this Policy. If we choose to use personal information already under our custody for purposes that are not identified at the time we originally collected the information, we will seek the consent of the affected Users before using the information for this new purpose, unless obtaining such consent is not required by law in these specific circumstances.

Except for personal information which possession is required by law, Users may withdraw their consent to all or part of the collection, use and disclosure of their personal information at any time by providing us with a previous reasonable notice. The User is asked to contact us should it prefer that we do not collect, use or disclose its personal information or that we do not use its personal information to contact it to promote our products and services. We will give effect to the User’s instructions as soon as possible, subject to contractual or legal restrictions, but we may not be able to immediately cease certain uses of its information. The User is warned that the withdrawal of its consent could prevent us from providing certain services.

10. How We Protect Personal Information

We use reasonable commercial means to protect the integrity of our website and the confidentiality of information collected by any means. We also limit access to the personal information we collect about our visitors and Users to the persons for whom this information is required to fulfill the purposes described above. We apply a policy against any unauthorized disclosure or use of personal information, and we train our employees on this policy. Employees who breach this policy are subject to disciplinary measures.

11. Preservation

The personal information of the User could be hosted and/or stored by our suppliers or Partners located outside Quebec or Canada (e.g. United States). In this case, we, our suppliers and our Partners will comply at all times with this Policy and will maintain equivalent security measures in compliance with the applicable legal requirements.

We will keep the User’s personal information only for a reasonable period of time in order to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected.

12. Links to Other Websites

The site may contain links to other websites not affiliated to us. Also, the User may have been directed to this website by another website that is not operated by us. We are not responsible for the operation of these other sites or the information they collect on their visitors. If the User wishes to know how another site collects and uses its information, it is asked to consult the privacy policy of said site.

13. Policy Updates

Our company and our governing laws change from time to time, and we reserve the right to change this Policy. If we change this Policy, we will upload the revised version on this site.

14. Language

This Policy has been drawn up in the English language at the request of the parties. Cette Politique a été rédigée en anglais à la demande des parties.

15. To Contact Us

If the User has any question or complaint about our personal information practices, question about the practices of third-party service providers or if it wishes to have its information removed from our database, or wishes to withdraw its consent to the collection, use and disclosure of its personal information, or wishes to access or rectify its personal information, or wishes to withdraw from any future communication list, the User is asked to inform us by contacting its Retailer at the address appearing on the invoicing documents for the services of the Platform. Secondly, in case of absence of answers, the User can reach La Coop fédérée’s head office at the following address:

La Coop fédérée
9001, de l’Acadie Boulevard - Suite 200
Montréal QC H4N 3H7
Phone: (514) 384-6450