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AgConnexion™ | Portal keeps you connected to your farm and your retailer, so you can maximize your profits.Prod-Portail-Title.jpg








Extra proximity.

Stay connected to your farm and your retailer with just a few clicks.

  • Operations overview
  • Real-time notifications via email or text message
  • Offline access
  • Secure access

Extra efficiency.

Forget paper! Viewing and downloading your documents is easier than ever.

  • Instant access to your important documents
  • Order tracking
  • Electronic signature for orders
  • Renew your orders online

Extra resources.

A toolkit personalized for your farm to help you plan and manage the day-to-day without the fuss.

  • Connected objects
  • Calculators
  • Analytic solutions (dairy and poultry)

Extra support.

We’ve got your back—we promise! Our AgConnexion™ support team is quick to respond to your questions and will work with you as you make decisions.

  • Your local retailer
  • AgConnexion™ technical support
  • A multidisciplinary team of experts (agronomists, solution architects, etc.) providing accurate analytics


  • A connected platform

    Access the entirety of your agricultural management tools online and on your phone.


  • Customized control

    Keep an eye on your production at all times and customize the notifications you wish to receive by email or SMS. Be more in control and organize management your way.Prod-Portail-Bloc2-EN-scale.png

  • Precision at all levels

    Manage interactions with your retailer and find all the farm management documentation you need. Sync with your accounting program to have easy access to your bills, financial statements and more.Prod-Portail-Bloc3-FR.png

  • Increased profitability 

    With sensors connected directly to your silos, collect accurate data in real time. View this information on the Portal and quickly take action.Prod-Portail-Bloc4-EN.png

  • AgConnexion is Ag Data Transparent certified

    As a grower on AgConnexion, you have access to clear and transparent terms of use.

    Ag Data Transparent, an independent agency, review our term of use and present them in 10 points understandable by all.


AgConnexion™ | SmartFarm is right by your side all season long, from planning to harvest.







More flexibility.

Combine technology, simplicity and results by using a single platform to manage your farm’s business decisions.

  • Simplified report sharing
  • Integrated data from labs, machinery and much more
  • Secure access
  • Optimized user experience
  • Offline accessibility

More agronomic services.

A platform designed around the industry's best practices to help you reach your profitability and productivity targets.

  • Easy-to-learn features to manage your interventions and optimize farm operations
  • Farming professionals with world-class expertise
  • Support throughout the entire farming season

More precision.

Maximize production data collection and analytics to make the best decisions for your business.

  • Access to field and machinery data from the dashboard
  • Access to KPIs for improved efficiency
  • Connected objects

More support.

We’ve got your back—we promise! Our AgConnexion™ support team is quick to respond to your questions and will work with you as you make decisions.

  • Your local retailer
  • AgConnexion™ technical support
  • A multidisciplinary team of experts (agronomists, solution architects, etc.) providing accurate analytics


  • Improved profitability

    Assess your performance during the season with the Crop Planning module and quickly measure the profitability of your fields based on criteria such as yields and crop sale prices.


  • Heightened reactivity

    The Digital Field Record Keeping module allows you to adapt your farming practices while complying with regulations. Get your agronomic recommendations at any time and use the mobile app for reports while scouting in the field.


  • Heightened reactivity

    Observe and record multiple events related to your crops with the Scouting module. Available on mobile devices and in offline mode, its guided scouting is a must when detecting problems as the season progresses.


  • Heightened reactivity

    Manage your conventional or precision soil analyses in a visual map format and detect seasonal problems ahead of time with the Soil Sampling Management module. Assess soil fertility with innovative tools that automatically integrate lab results.Prod-FermeInt-Bloc2-3_0.png

  • Manage and prioritize

    With the Satellite Imagery module, measure the variability within each of your plots and target the zones with higher or lower yield potential with your advisor. Carry out the best diagnostics and optimize your profits at season’s end.Prod-FermeInt-Bloc3-1_0.png

  • Manage and prioritize

    Use our Field Mapping module to create, split up, import and manage your farm plans in a fully digital way. Prod-FermeInt-Bloc3-2_0.png

  • Manage and prioritize

    Take advantage of the complementary information in the Weather module to manage your plots with greater precision.Prod-FermeInt-Bloc3-3_0.png

  • Informed decisions

    With the Zone Management module, analyze your fields at each key step of the growing season with the support of your advisor. Measure the variability of your crops to manage them even better.


  • Informed decisions

    Always have an overview of the data you collect with different autonomous sensors with the Farm Data Management module. Produce advanced maps and analyses by combining this data with your GPS equipment data.


  • The power of analytics

    Transform the data collected during the growing season into precise actions to benefit your fields. Our dashboards provide you and your advisor within valuable information.Prod-FermeInt-Bloc5.png

  • A consolidated platform

    Access and manage all of your fields in one place and access your information at all times with offline mode.

    SmartFarm - farmer - 1.png

  • Satellite images of fields

    Use satellite imagery of your fields to increase yields and effectively assist with scouting.

    SmartFarm - farmer - 2.png

  • Digital Field Record Keeping

    Use the Digital Field Record Keeping module on your mobile device to track your operations, perform scouting and stay informed.

    SmartFarm - farmer - 3.png

Discover AgConnexion™ | SmartFarm mobile application

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Manage all of your agricultural operations and access your agronomic advisor’s recommendations from your tablet or smartphone.

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Analytical Solutions

Get data specific to your farm and benefit from effective tools that are adapted to your industry.